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N2M Consulting can provide a variety of services ranging from R&D consultation to subject matter expert reports. Contact us to discuss our full range of services.


Research & Development Consultation

We can help you design and/or execute your large or small scale research projects. We have conducted over $5,000,000 in Research and Development projects covering both quantitative and qualitative measures across multidisciplinary domains. 

Tax Income Reports

Proposal Development and Evaluation

We have more than 20 years of successful development and evaluation of research proposals. For example, we have received funding from NSERC, SSHRC, PRAC, PRNL, NRC, EnCana, ExxonMobil, and other private industry partners. We can help you develop and improve scientific merit and methodological design to increase the likelihood of a successful funding appliaction.

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Factors Affecting Egress and

Advanced Survival Instructor


Working with Thought Process Aviation and the Global Network of Companies, we have developed an online platform to provide customized professional development for survival instructors. The platform includes digital content related to survival theory, situation awareness, decision making, accident investigation, and the integration of research findings to enhance learning/competency outcomes. The platform also provides the opportunity for instructor-lead training to compliment the digital material. 

SME Opinion 

Reports & Testimony

N2M has been contracted for SME opinion reports/testimony on several high profile legal cases. We have consulted on aviation, security, equity, and gender issues and can work with the client to ensure that we provide the most relevant and up-to-date information while leveraging our specialized areas of expertise.

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Design Books

Curriculum Design and Evaluation

We have developed and delivered industry-based safety programs and academic curricula at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. We specialize in adult learning, ergonomics, and aviation programs. 

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Workshops and Presentations

We have delivered more than 50 keynote/invited presentations covering topics such as situation awareness, human systems integration, lifelong learning, gender equality, harassment, GBA+ analyses, emergency response, and real-time physiological data collection (to name a few). 

Analyzing Data

GBA+ Policy Analyses

We have completed GBA+ analyses for clients in government and private industry. We can ensure that you meet and exceed current GBA+ guideline requirements in your specific jurisdiction.

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