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Our background

From navigating Sea King helicopters in Maritime Operations with the Royal Canadian Navy to developing helicopter underwater egress procedures for civilian and military personnel, Dr. Nancy Taber and Dr. Michael Taber have been involved in educational and human performance research for more than 20 years. Their experience positions them as leading authorities in the field of curriculum design and applied research methodology with respect to adult education, human performance in harsh environments, and emergency response.

Combined, Nancy and Michael have collaborated with researchers from both national and international organizations. Nancy has experience in university teaching, curriculum development,  working with military/emergency response teams, and a subject matter expert witness on Canadian Armed Forces culture. Michael has been a voting member on the helicopter passenger transportation suit systems, a subject matter expert on the Wells Helicopter Safety Inquiry and an advisor to several organizations on human and operational performance issues. Together, Nancy and Michael have obtained over $5,000,000 in funding for applied research in education, safety training, and performance/competency assessment.

Our team

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Dr. Nancy Taber



  • PhD in Education (University of South Australia)
  • MEd in Adult Education (Mount Saint Vincent University)
  • BA in Politics (Royal Military College)
  • University Full Professor
  • Author of 100+ published journal articles, book chapters,  and conference papers
  • Thirteen years of service in the RCAF
  • Tactical Coordinator on Sea Kings
  • Completion of Military Rotary Wing Underwater Escape Training (RUET)
  • Completion of Military Survival Training, at sea and on land
  • Career development consultant with face-to-face and online training
  • Developer of adult education courses
  • Recently names one of the top 25 women in defence. Featured in Esprit de Corps magazine. (
Michael Taber (photo - profile).jpg

Dr. Michael Taber



  • Post Doctoral Fellowship (Ministry of Research and Innovation) - Brock University

  • Post Doctoral Fellowship - Dalhousie University

  • PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology, Kinesiology, and Industrial Engineering) - Dalhousie University

  • MSc in Kinesiology - Dalhousie University

  • BA in Psychology - Mount Saint Vincent University

  • Adjunct Professor at Brock and Memorial University

  • Author of 50+ published journal articles, conference papers, and industry-based technical reports
  • Seven years of service in the RCAF
  • Completion of Military Ship's Team Diver Training
  • Senior Military/Offshore/Marine Survival Instructor
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